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Business Testimonials

“Maritza and I have worked for over a year together to promote the development of a documentary and to tell the story of both the process and teamwork it entails. Maritza’s communications and marketing skills, creativity, business sense, humor, and ability to build strong relationships have proven her to be an asset to any team. She is a born leader with a spirit unequaled.” – Joe Shaffner, Senior Communications Consultant

“Maritza Diaz is a rare gem in today’s booming economy (society) (market). She is the epitome of the 4 “P’s” of customer service: Promptness, Politeness, Professionalism, and Personalization. I had the amazing opportunity to work with her to develop a Positive Awareness Podcast. She never ceased to amaze me with how much she has her finger on the pulse. I highly recommend Maritz Diaz for any business development, strategy, and marketing needs. She is truly the best! ” – Shasta Bell, CEO, Caprigo Entertainment LLC


Teaching Testimonials

“I started my yoga journey about two years ago because I was trying to find my balance and purpose in life. And not to forget I was tackling anxiety that had turned and involved to the worst form. I practiced with many teachers at my local yoga studio but they never stuck for long and a lot of the classes where mostly for movement but not for mental health. When I tried Maritza class I was instantly hooked. It was like if she knew exactly what was happening in my life that week because each class was exactly what I needed at that moment.

Finally, I’m finding my balance and my peace when all of a sudden we get the news that my 15year old son was assaulted at school by two boys that were bullying him for a while. The assault didn’t happen just physically but emotionally. After that point, my son was getting anxiety, lack of sleep constant crying isolation and weight loss. We didn’t know what to do anymore we were trying to be the best parents for him. But I knew that I had to give him the tools to properly equip him for life. So I decided to take him to Maritza yoga class and he agreed. He took the class did all the moves closed his eyes and meditated. I could see over my shoulder that he was into it. He was setting his intentions. After class Maritza welcome him and so did the other moms. Maritza gave us a few tips to do every day such as oils and magnesium and meditations apps.

Even though he has not attended another class you can walk in my son’s room and find his oils next to his bed, or find him in the yard meditating. He is slowly coming back to being that happy teenager he was. I’m so happy to say that if it wasn’t first just one only one of Maritza’s classes I don’t think my son would ever find his way to balance. Thank you, Maritza!” – Andrea Frias

“I had the great opportunity to practice yoga with Maritza in early 2018.  Maritza has a really warm, welcoming personality that translates beautifully in her teaching style.  Maritza is a strong communicator during class.  I learned something new every class from her.  She always offered variations through the class to accommodate all skill levels.  She always made herself available after class to answer questions.” – Lisa Villalobos