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I begin to think about the simple times…

It brings me back to where I was raised. I grew up in the projects in the Bronx. Edenwald, to be exact. Unfortunately, it gets a bad reputation. But it shouldn’t. I remember loyalty, community (no matter the color) and fun.

There was no internet or social media. For low-income families such as mine, we had the opportunity to go the housing authority to get free cheese…it was delicious! Ahhh, when do we forget the simple times?

Social media overload can have consequences in different ways and one of them is losing sight of the s simplicity of living life.

We all can get caught up in the distractions of social media.

Now fast forward to the present day into our heavy digital world, we see children, as young as infants with electronic devices. This digital world takes the place of real communication and creativity to these young minds.

I’m not a parent. As an entrepreneur and advocate for children’s well being, a shift in recognizing the dangers of social media weighs heavily.

As a former entertainment publicist, my job changed with social media advancement. As the times changed, brands were requesting me to reach out to influencers and those with large numbers of followers.

I immersed myself with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Last year, I I found myself comparing myself to others. It all became too much. I was suffering from social media overload. I hit a decision point it became clear I wasn’t learning anything.

Therefore, I created Little Giant Life LLC with the vision to share wellness, self-development, business mentorship, and giving back to children’s causes.

To promote my brand and my vision, I share workshops, masterclasses, and free resources.

I’ve created multiple PR campaigns to publicize brands, I created one to give myself some peace. I stopped scrolling and unsubscribed/unfollowed many accounts.

There are many more steps I’ve taken to refrain from this chaotic social media overload.

With Little Giant Life, I strive to present mindful techniques to bring authenticity and purpose to your environment.

Balance in everything we do including managing social media will create positive outcomes for our well-being.

I think about my days in the Bronx. In the hot summer days, we wait for someone to open at the hydrant so we can relish in the stream of water. In the cold months, we waited by the radio to hear the announcement of our school being closed. We would run outside and play make-believe in the snow.

The world was less complicated, fewer distractions, and less anxiety.

On April 12, I’ll be a speaker at the PubCon Conference where I’ll be offering ways to bring more simplicity in your life.

Do you feel you owe it your mind the rest and nourishment it deserves?

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